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The Best Carpet Cleaners in St. George!

First of all, thank you for checking out Fresh n Dri Carpet and Tile Cleaning. We appreciate the chance to show you why many of our customers think we are the best carpet cleaning service in St. George! Or Hurricane. Or Ivins. You know what? it doesn’t matter if you live in Santa Clara, Bloomington, Little Valley, Washington, or Toquerville. Let us prove why Fresh ‘n Dri Carpet & Tile Cleaning is the very best carpet cleaning company in Southern Utah. Call us today at (435) 767-1950 or fill out the form on this page to schedule your FREE in-home estimate. We won’t pressure you or sell you on something you don’t want or need. Just an honest, no-strings-attached estimate on what it will take to get your carpets looking like new.

Why we can call ourselves Fresh n Dri

Our carpet and tile cleaning process is incredible. It is probably unlike anything you think of when you think of hiring someone to clean your carpets. It’s simple but very effective.

  • Zero Hoses
  • Whisper quite machines
  • Very little moisture

So how can we get your floors so clean? Our cleaning solution is the answer. We use a USDA approved all-natural cleaner that is so safe to use around pets and children you can actually drink it. We don’t recommend it, but still…it’s nice to know that is how safe it really is. The solution isn’t chemical at all, but is mineral based which means it isn’t a harsh soap. That in turn means no soapy reside. It’s completely scent free and extremely hypo-allergenic. People with sensitivities to smells are just fine around our process. The pH level is neutral so it won’t stain or discolor your carpets but is still plenty strong enough to tackle even the toughest pet, oil, or dirt stain

We mentioned our system uses very little moisture. All we do is mist your carpet with our cleaning solution then buff it out using our high-tech rotary carpet cleaner. Because so little solution is used, your carpets will be dry within an hour. That means you can get back to enjoying your home or office quicker.

Our History: Fresh, yes. Dry, no!

Fresh ‘n Dri was built from scratch and Shane is continuing to build it while working his way through college so you know he will work hard for you too! Click here to learn a little bit more about the genius team behind Fresh ‘n Dri Carpet & Tile Cleaning.


Our Technicians

The Technicians at Fresh ‘n Dri Carpet & Tile Cleaningare neat, professional, and courteous. You will never be talked down to or have your questions ignored. Call us today (link “Call us today” to phone number)and ask us anything! Justin and Shane and the rest of the crew will take the time to listen carefully to your concerns so we can ensure you get the very best cleaning for your hard-earned money. Our focus isn’t on your “business” or the pay check. We want you to be completely satisfied with the cleaning we do. If, for any reason, you aren’t 100% satisfied, we will redo the job until we get it right, or give you your money back.

Our techs are pretty serious about what getting your carpet looking great, but we also want you to feel great about your carpet. So, you can check out our “Tips and Tricks” section of this site for some great DYI carpet cleaning hacks.

Fresh ‘n Dri Carpet & Tile Cleaning has been providing high quality carpet cleaning for customers around St. George since 2011. Shane, the owner, loves doing quality work for people, especially when that work results in restoring people’s carpets to a condition they didn’t think was possible.


Jayse, his lead technician, is thorough and a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to getting stains out. It doesn’t matter if it’s your whole floor, or just a little spot. Shane won’t stop until the job is done.

Carpet Cleaning Guru


with no obligation

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Carpet Cleaning done right!

We’ve said it before, but let us just repeat…our business is more than just “business”. We realize that we are dealing with your biggest and most prized possession: Your home! We deal in honesty and respect. To us, it doesn’t matter if you are just getting a spot removed, a pet stain cleaned, or whether you are getting your whole house cleaned. Whether you get your carpets cleaned once a year, a quarter, or a week. No matter the job, we will give you our very best efforts each and every time. We will not quit until you are absolutely ecstatic about the way your carpets look. We want to be the last carpet cleaning company you ever hire!


You’ve got options. Why choose us?

Chances are if you’ve found us you may have performed a Google search for “Carpet Cleaning in St. George” and if that’s the case then we’re sure you see that you have plenty of options when it comes time to clean your floors. Zerorez, B’s Carpet Cleaning, St. George Discount Carpet Cleaning, just to name a few of our top competitors.

So why choose us? Well, I suppose that we could tell you that our process is absolutely 100% guaranteed to be safe to use around your family members and pets. We could tell you that the product we use isn’t even a chemical at all. We could mention that your carpets will not only look amazingly clean, but that they will be dry in less than an hour. We could tell you that we not only clean your carpet, but we love doing tile, hard wood flooring, and upholstery too. We could tell you all of that (and I guess we just did), but you don’t have to take our word for it. Look what some of our happy customers had to say about how well we clean carpets:

Fresh n’ Dri has been a lifesaver for our apartments. Their dry cleaning method is so much better than the wet carpet cleaning we were using before! The quick drying time is ideal but the effectiveness in getting stains out of our carpets has been incredible. The life of our carpets is lengthening and the condition is actually improving. Fresh n’ Dri’s staff has been so great to work with. They are very dependable and hardworking. We will never go back to our old carpet cleaning!

-The Falls at Mesa Point Apartments

We have used Fresh ‘n Dri to clean the carpets in our rental properties numerous times.  The quality of their work is fantastic and we are equally pleased with their very reasonable prices.  We plan to continue using Fresh ‘n Dri for the foreseeable future. A big thanks to Justin and the crew for their great work!

-Holiday Resort Realty & Management

I have been using Fresh ‘n Dri for the last 3 years and I have loved them. My carpets are beautiful, they dry fast, and they stay clean longer. Plus the technician always leaves me with a bottle of spot remover for future use. I will continue to use Fresh ‘n Dri for my future carpet use. Thank you!



We believe we’re different than our competition but don’t be fooled….We still offer you all the services you would expect from a professional and affordable carpet cleaner. Here’s a few of the perks you can expect from Fresh n Dri Carpet and Tile Cleaning:

  • Commercial and Residential Carpet Cleaning
  • Won’t set stains like steam cleaning can
  • Quick, safe, effective process. No hoses, quiet machines, minimal moisture
  • Because we use very little moisture, your carpets will be dry within an hour of us leaving
  • Odors won’t stick around in the fibers of your carpets
  • Regular Carpet Cleaning extends the life of your carpet by years
  • Cost! Do your homework and you’ll see: we can beat any of our competition when it comes to prices
  • No hassle, risk-free, money back guarantee!

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Your home should be a place you feel comfortable. It’s more than just dry wall, concrete, and wood slapped together and we are more than just your average carpet cleaning company. Let us come out and clean the following:

  • Deep soils that have set in
  • Small spots
  • Pet stains
  • Pet odors
  • Tile and Grout

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

If you are a business owner and you’re reading this, we know you aren’t happy with the way your carpet or tile look. In business, first impressions are very important. Let us come to your business and give you a no hassle, risk-free, estimate of what it will take to make your flooring look like new. We’ll be quick and you’ll be grateful you called.

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