St. George Home Cleaning for Tile

St. George Home Cleaning for TileTimely Tile Tips Keep Floors Shiny and Clean

Clean, shiny tile floors are the best welcome mat for a home. Immaculate tile floors showcase the pride a homeowner owner takes when people walk through their doors. Just as keeping a beautiful house is important, so is developing a maintenance plan for your floors.

Damage Assessment, Damage Control

The best way to clean tile floors is to assess the damage and consider the best alternative for the job. Scratches, marks, oil stains, scuffs, and the (in)famous St. George red dirt and dust can invade tile floors with plans to stay.

  • Start by scraping away dried food, chewing gum, grease, and grout dirt with a dull knife or an old plastic spatula.  
  • Thoroughly sweep the tile, at least once a week, to ensure consistent maintenance.
  • The best way to clean tile floors is to wipe spills quickly when they hit the floor to prevent stains.
  • Professional tile cleaning may be necessary for high traffic areas where walkways easily gather grime. A professional cleaning product will make floors clean based on the tile material, level of grime and nature of the grime.
  • Extreme dirt stains and grease in grout and tile can be cleaned by mixing a three-quarters cup of bleach to one gallon of water. Be sure to test a hidden area to make sure the bleach does not change the color of the grout and rinse all areas immediately with water.

Tile and Grout Go Hand-in-Hand

  • Tile and grout are inseparable like tango dancers sweeping across a dance floor. Clean grout compliments shiny, glossy tile as an accent to any color. Tile and grout cleaning is a must for any household or company office. Whitening toothpaste will make grout white as well.
  • After you’ve prepared the tile for a thorough cleaning, remove dirt from grout lines.
  • Battle tile and grout cleaning as well as grout discoloration with hydrogen peroxide and whitening toothpaste that leaves a clean finish.
  • Mop the tile with a cleaner that produces results. By diluting just enough cleaner with warm water the mopping won’t leave a film and dull the floor. Avoid using dish detergent and similar cleaners that may develop a dull floor finish.
  • Regular tile cleaning can help preserve your floors for years. When tile and grout cleaning is not a priority the floors will lose their shine.

The Finished Product

Our best tip for St. George home cleaning your tile floors is polishing or shining them. Polished tile floors present a smooth texture and a beautiful floor finish. However, without regular maintenance, even the best high-gloss floor will eventually lose its shine.

  • Use a recommended polish that fits your tile cleaning routine and review all the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • When grime and dirt has accumulated for a long time, it may be necessary to polish the tile, then strip it again to take away the dirt.
  • Another alternative is rinsing the floor twice and then drying it which allows the floor to shine again.
  • Sealing floor grout is essential due to grout’s tendency to absorb dirt from dirty water. Grout can be completed with a small brush that is attached to a broomstick for convenience with standing or sitting. The grout must be clean and dry before the sealant is applied. Sealants allow water to stay on the grout’s surface instead of penetrating the tile.
  • Use power cleaning equipment to polish and buff tile floors to develop a long-lasting shine.