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Commercial Carpet Maintenance Tends to Be More Intensive Than Residential Carpet Maintenance

Commercial Carpet CleaningCommercial carpets endure more foot traffic throughout the day. Other that than, however, a carpet is a carpet. What all carpet owners want also remains the same – to maintain a carpet that looks brand new for as long as possible. One of the best ways to make sure your commercial carpet looks like new each morning is to follow a regular maintenance schedule as this article describes.


Tailor Your Maintenance to Your Carpet’s Needs

There are many different types of carpet fibers, including nylon, wool and polyester. There are also different types of dyes to color a carpet and different types of weave, including larger, denser and finer, thinner weaves.

All of this factors into what your carpet needs in terms of maintenance. Also, if at all possible it is helpful to know if the carpet has been pre-treated with any moisture, weather or stain resistant sprays. In addition, single solid color carpet and multi-hued or patterned carpet may require different levels of maintenance (because carpet with a pattern tends to hide grime and wear more effectively than solid color carpet).

One other consideration particularly relevant to commercial carpet is how much foot traffic different areas of the carpet get. Traffic will be much higher in break rooms, mail rooms, foyers, meeting rooms and entry ways, so you may need more frequent maintenance for carpet in these areas. Ultimately, the more you know about your carpet’s construction, constitution and treatment, the easier it will be to hire the right professional carpet cleaning service for your carpet’s needs.


Types of Carpet Maintenance

There are several types of carpet maintenance to incorporate into your overall commercial carpet cleaning plan.

  • Preventative maintenance aims to prevent moisture, soil and debris from entering the area where your commercial carpet is installed. Preventative maintenance may include installing small foot rugs near entry ways, making sure outside walkways are clean and well maintained, and even selecting a more absorbent tile type so less water reaches the carpet area.
  • Regular maintenance has a goal of ensuring daily wear and tear, soiling and debris never builds up to levels that can damage your commercial carpet beyond what maintenance can do to preserve it. As stated earlier, some areas may need more concentrated regular maintenance to achieve this goal. Regular maintenance generally includes vacuuming, spot cleaning and low level steam cleaning after hours.
  • Spot maintenance is a more immediate response to an unplanned incident or accident, such as a coffeemaker that spills over and leaks coffee across the break room carpet. Because coffee can be a difficult stain to remove completely, you will want to have spot maintenance protocols in place to immediately address and treat the stain before it becomes permanent.
  • Interim maintenance is a type of maintenance that happens less frequently but is essential to keeping your commercial carpet looking new for as long as possible. Here, you may hire a professional carpet cleaning company to come in and perform a deeper steam cleaning along with special spot cleaning as needed, perhaps twice per year or even every quarter for high traffic areas.


Creating Your Commercial Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance Schedule

Once you know as much as possible about your particular type of commercial carpet and have identified the highest traffic areas in your workspace, you can begin to create a commercial carpet maintenance schedule that will keep your carpet in tip-top shape for visitors and employees.

You will want to combine regular maintenance and spot maintenance with interim maintenance as needed. For example, you may have your commercial carpet cleaning crew do a light vacuuming service each night after hours, along with spot cleaning as needed. But then each quarter or semi-annually, you can hire a St. George, Utah, carpet cleaning service to come in and do a deeper steam cleaning, spot cleaning or other type of commercial carpet treatment as may be needed.

You will also want to work with your commercial carpet cleaning service to establish daily light cleaning and spot cleaning protocols for your in-house company maintenance staff. It can be very helpful to get recommendations on the best way to treat light dirt or debris, the damp caused by rainy weather and unexpected spot cleaning needs.

For instance, find out the best products to use that will take up the dirt and stains without harming the fibers or the carpet dye. You may even want to hire aSt. George, Utah, professional carpet cleaning service to do a workshop for your own maintenance staff so they can learn how to properly spot clean the carpet for different types of stains as may be needed. For instance, coffee and tea stains and ink or toner stains should be cleaned differently or the stains may become permanent. The more your own in-house maintenance staff can learn about doing these treatments quickly as needed, the longer your commercial carpet will retain its “brand new” good looks.


Planning for Scheduled Deep Cleaning Maintenance

While regular daily or weekly maintenance can be done quickly and easily after hours at night without your staff being the wiser, when you have deeper quarterly or semi-annual carpet cleaning scheduled, you may need to make your staff aware of the schedule if you regularly host events after hours.

It can be very beneficial to schedule these cleanings to take place over a weekend or long weekend/holiday so your carpet has more time to dry. Placing fans and air movers can also facilitate faster drying time after your carpet has had a deep steam cleaning. The longer your carpet has to dry out before your employees return, the more effective this deep cleaning maintenance is likely to be.


Finding Out About Commercial Carpet Cleaning Procedures

Cleaning commercial carpet also comes with more to think through in advance. For instance, what if some of your employees are especially allergic or sensitive to fragrance or cleaning agents? You will want to make sure that any products or chemicals used will not cause any harm to your employees.

Here, you can simply ask your commercial carpet cleaning crew to use only hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, odorless and non-allergen products to clean your commercial carpet. You may want to have your new crew do a small test cleaning on a section of carpet in a high traffic common area, then wait a day or two and make sure there are no employee complaints. This way you safeguard the health and wellbeing of your employees and ensure your carpet will look fresh and new.

By following these tips, you can establish a regular and deep cleaning maintenance schedule for your commercial carpet that will maximize the value of your investment and keep your carpet looking beautiful for years to come.

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