Commercial Carpet Cleaning

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  • Certified professional cleaners
  • Your carpets will be dry in an hour
  • Easy payment methods

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Our business is to make yours shine! Let us help you make an unbelievable first, second, and 101st impression! Check out our amazing results in this video.

Cleaning Services We Provide

Office cleaning Leisure clubs & Halls Eateries & Kitchens
Initial cleans Deep cleans Builders & sparkle cleans
Wash rooms and Tile Cleaning
Public/Employee restrooms, Spot Removal, Hard Floors

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Quick and Easy Commercial Carpet Cleaning

  • We’re more than happy to work after hours when the office is empty.
  • We’re more than happy to stop by and clean your dirtiest area for free. We’re confident you’ll be impressed and we’ll have your business forever.
  • Carpets are dry in an hour, keeping downtime to a minimum.
  • Our low moisture method prevents delimitation in commercial grade carpet.
  • Odorless, non-allergenic cleaning solution keep sensitive customers/employee safe
  • No “wet dog” smell or offensive odors lingering after we’re gone
  • No hoses means getting to an upper-level floor is no problem.sdfsdfs

consider a commercial Maintenance package

By following a maintenance program for commercial office cleaning, St. George, Utah business owners can improve the appearance of their floor and prevent the wear and tear that high foot-traffic can introduce, reducing the life of the flooring. In addition to this, a good commercial tile cleaning keeps the floor free of fall hazards and keeps the building cleaner in general. 

Plus, you are going to save tons of money in the long run because you aren’t having to replace carpet or tile when you regularly maintain it.

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Additional Services Needed
Pet Stain / Odor RemovalSpot RemovalDeeply Soiled CarpetTile and Grout