Stain Removal On Commercial Carpet

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Stain RemovalBut eventually it happens, a pen without a cap gets left on the floor, or a drink spills or, something else unexpected happens leaving a stain on the carpet. Most people’s first instinct is to grab a towel, pushing it into the carpet in the hopes of quickly absorbing that fluid, but that isn’t always the best technique. You can also hire a commercial carpet cleaning service, but there are a few things you can try yourself before you do that. Below are some good techniques you can try for removing stains from your carpet before you contact the professional carpet cleaning service.


Soft Drink Carpet Stains

As far as carpets go, soft drinks are public enemy number one. When a spill occurs, use a dry towel to gently blot at the stain to soak up excess moisture. If you scrub, it might saturate the base of the carpet, which is a much more difficult fix.

After this, make a mixture in a spray bottle, using a tablespoon of clear dish soap, a quarter-cup of white vinegar and a cup of water. Spray as much of the mixture as you’d like and allow it to soak for ten minutes. Blot some more and continue this process until the stain has been fully removed.


Pet Stains On Carpet

Many pet owners find themselves having to clean up an infuriating mess from their beloved pet. Nonetheless, there is a tried and true method to cleaning up this sort of mess as well as remove the odor that tends to occur from such an accident.

As always, clean up the obvious mess that is on the carpet. Remove any debris, blot away any moisture and avoid rubbing or smearing the towel into the carpet. Blot until it’s as dry as it can be, which should remove much of the stain.

If you’ve arrived to the scene too late, your next step is to actually moisten the carpet stain. Then you can use a product that is designed to block pet accident odors and remove associated stains. These products can be found in pet stores as well as local hardware stores and grocery stores.

Several different methods may be needed to get rid of the evidence. The same mixture that you would use to remove Kool-Aid can work here, using the blot technique to dry and clean the carpet at the same time.

An anti-stain laundry detergent and water mixture in a spray bottle could also be effective against pet stains. This mixture must soak for several minutes, and then you can blot it away before using warm water to rinse the area.


Coffee Carpet Stains

Without the right treatment, coffee can make a carpet look very dirty. As it stains yellow and brown, it’s easy to mistakenly assume that the stain actually came from somewhere else.

As always, blot the area until it’s dry. If the spill was significant, use multiple towels to ensure that you’re not just spreading the stain around and making the problem worse. Then be sure to apply the mixture of water, vinegar as well as a gentle dish detergent in a spray bottle, rinsing the stain and blotting to dry.

Several products exist to target coffee stains. Whenever you pick a new product, be sure to do a patch test according to the product instructions to ensure it won’t have a damaging effect on your carpet.

Carpets made of polypropylene and similar materials can safely have bleach and water applied. In a spray bottle, you can prepare a mix of a quarter cup of bleach in a cup of water. Spray generously and let it soak, blotting as needed. Be sure to rinse out the spray bottle when you’re done; never leave this mixture sitting around.


Carpet Blood Stains

Understandably, the thought of blood stains can be an anxious one, especially when it gets on the clothes or the carpet. However, it’s not actually as bad as it seems it will be. The sooner you can attack the stain, the easier it will be.

To treat a blood stain, opt for cold water, which prevents the blood from coagulating as it would from the warm water. That means that using cold water will keep the blood from getting embedded in the fibers of the carpet.

If the accident just occurred, put some detergent and cold water together into a spray bottle, applying heavily. Make sure to make it very wet, soaking the whole carpet in the affected area. A dry cloth or paper towel can be used to transfer the blood. Be sure to rinse with more cold water, blotting as needed.

If the accident occurred awhile ago and the blood has had time to settle, applying hydrogen peroxide will break the blood apart. Then you can use the above mixture and clean it away as normal.


Carpet Ink Stains

It goes without saying that ink can have a devastating effect on the carpet, even resulting in major destruction that cannot be fixed. However, thanks to improvements in cleaning solutions, there are new ways to remove the ink that stains a carpet. Part of the solution is getting to the ink before it really has a chance to set in.

Take a clean cloth and apply a high concentration of isopropyl alcohol, dabbing it onto the ink stain. As always, do not scrub or rub, especially in this situation — ink is a difficult enough enemy without user error. Allow the alcohol to soak, using a vacuum that can suck up liquids to clean up the moisture.

A second alcohol treatment could be needed as well. Similarly, common household products with high alcohol level, nail polish removers or hairspray, can work in an emergency if you don’t have any alcohol on hand. No matter which you opt for, make sure you rinse the area with water before blotting dry. If there’s time, do a quick patch test to ensure there won’t be carpet damage.



Most techniques discussed here rely on household chemicals and a few commercial products to remove stains on a carpet. There is a great number of different solutions you can apply before having a commercial carpet cleaning. If theses techniques don’t seem to be working, then you can try to look for different stain removing products to tackle the carpet. In addition to this, it may be worth looking into professional carpet cleaning services in St. George, Utah if you find that the stain damage is too severe to clean with these methods.


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